"Where All The Filipina's Are"


American Slang and Tagalog Words


American Slang


Sweet =  That's nice or good.

Word up= I agree

What's up? = same as "how are you"

Wheels= Car

Ride= Car

wip= car

I got shotgun: To get the passanger seat in a car

wassupp= What do you need?

What's good? =  Same as What's up?

Kicken it= hanging out or being with your friends

Propz =  Recognition

hater= someone that doesn't like players

Players=  A guy that dates many girls for sex

hershey squirts = diarrhea

nappy= gross

homey = close friend

tore up - extremly drunk

ugly = busted

tits = something that is extremely cool and im not talkin about the real ones

dome-piece = a hat

durge = annoying person

tool box= gay


Tagalog Words

In the Philippines there are many tongues. Tagalog and English are the main ones.

Gusto mo ba akong kausap? = Do you want to chat with me?

Anong pangalan mo? = What is your name?

Mahal Kita = I love you

Mahal na mahal kita = I love you very much

Magandang umaga = Good morning

Kumusta ka? = How are you?

ok lang = I'm great

Salamat = Thanks

oo = Yes

Hindi = No

ingat palagi = always take care

Ano pa ang gusto mong malaman tungkol sa akin = What else do you want to know about me?

Masaya ka ba sa akin = Are you happy with me?

Ano ang gusto mong kainin = What do you want to eat?

Taas = Up

Baba = Down

Kaliwa = Left

Kanan = Right

Hilaga = North

Silangan = East

Timog = South

Kanluran =West

Malayo = Far

Malapit =Near

Masama = Bad

Maganda = Beautiful

Maganda Ka = You are beautiful

Mura = Cheap

Mahal = Expensive

Malaki = Big

Maliit = Small

Ako = I

Ikaw  = You

Tayo = We

Sila = They

Siya = He/ she


Ano? = what?

Kailan?  = when?

Saan? = where?

Sino? = who?

Bakit? =  why?

Paano? = how

Ilan? = how many

Magkano? = how much

Masaya ako. = I am happy.

Oras = Time

Patawarin mo ako = Forgive me

Ako’ng bahala sa’yo = I will take care of you

Marunong ba kayong mag-Ingglés?  = Do you speak English?

Naiintindihan  mo ba?= Do you understand?

Naiintindihan ko = I understand

Hindi ko naiintindihan.  = I don’t understand.

banyo = bathroom

bote ng tubig = bottle of water

susi = key

kubeta = CR/toilet

Towel= tuwalya

Tubig  (malamig/mainit na) = Water (cold/hot)

Ý= Isa

2= dalawa

3= tatlo

4= apat

5= lima

6= anim

7= pito

8= walo

9= siyam

10= sampu

almusal = breakfast


tanghalian = lunch


hapunan = dinner

Ngayon = Today/ Now

Bukas = Tomorrow

Kahapon =Yesterday

Taga-saan ka ba? =Where Are You From?


Taga Pilipinas ako.= I'm From (the U.S/ the Philippines)


Ako ay Amerikano. = I’m (American)


Saan ka nakatira? = Where Do You Live?


Nakatira ako sa Pilipinas. = I live in (the U.S/ the Philippines)


Gusto mo ba dito? = Did You Like It Here?


Ang Pilipinas ay magandang bansa.= The Philippines Is a Wonderful Country

Gusto kong bisitahin ang Pilipinas isang araw. =  I’d like to visit Philippines one day

Ano ang ikinabubuhay mo? = What Do You Do For A Living?


Nagtatrabaho ako bilang (Negosyante) = I Work As A (Businessman)


Gusto ko ang Tagalog. = I Like Tagalog


Pinag-aralan ko ang tagalog ng isang buwan. = I've Been Learning Tagalog For 1 Month


Mabuti iyan! = Oh! That's Good!


ilang taon ka na? = How Old Are You?


Ako’y…….taon gulang na.= I'm …….Years Old.


Kailangan ko ng umalis. = I Have To Go


Babalik ako. = I Will Be Right Back!

Sa muling pagkikita = see you later


Pakiulit nga po.. ==I'm Sorry! (if you don't hear something)

Pasensya na..= Sorry (for a mistake)

Walang Problema.. = No Problem!

Pakisabi nga ulit?= Can You Say It Again?

Pwedeng pakihinaan ang iyong pagsasalita? =Can You Speak Slowly?

Pakisulat nga po! =Write It Down Please!

Hindi ko alam.= I Don't Know!

Wala akong ideya.= I Have No Idea.


Saan ka nakatira? = Where do you live?

 Taga-saan ka?= Where are you from?

 Anong oras na po? = What time is it?

Saan ka pupunta? = Where are you going?

Saan tayo pupunta? = Where are we going?

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