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The Best Ways To Send Money from the USA to the Philippines


The most expensive but safest and quick way to send money to your sweetie would be by Western Union. It is expensive and a real hassle online. They are reliable though and there are many Western Union locations in the Philippines.

What I did was get an extra checking account that is not linked to any of my other accounts and got a debit card. I mailed her the debit card to use. Each payday I add funds to "her" checking account at home online, and then I email her or call her and let her know how much (in Peso's) she can withdraw. Keep in mind any bank charges that go along with doing it this way. My bank charges $5 for the ATM withdrawal. Still a lot cheaper and a whole lot easier than using Western Union.  Also be aware that ATM's in the Philippines have different withdrawal limits. Some are P2000 and others are P5000. Nice to know as each withdrawal will cost you extra.

Another reliable and affordable way besides Western Union is Money Gram. It's 1/2 the price of Western Union. You can find them online at

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