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One of the challenges of online relationships is being scammed.  No one wants to be scammed. So JeepneyLand has taken some precautions in helping you avoid being scammed online.

One of the things we are doing that few if any other dating sites are doing is providing a confirmation that the person you are talking to are not married, but available legally to be married. We do this by having the person that makes a profile on the option of faxing in proof that they are either single, annulled marriage, or divorced  by tax papers filed, or a special ID that is required in the Philippines to show you are single. While this is only an option and not a requirement and not 100% scam proof, we encourage any person making a profile to fax in this information to us so it can be provided on your profile showing that you are available. We will compare your documents to legal documents we already have to verify you are available to be married. If we find a problem your profile will not be verified, nor will any other documents be accepted by you. Also if we suspect the documents to be forged your profile will be deleted from our data base.

Also, no personal email addresses are allowed on your profile or profiles picture. This is for your own safety.

The other thing we are doing is this very page. Here you will find "red flags" that shows a possible scammer. Please take these into account when meeting someone online:


1. If he or she asks for money, this is a red flag *no matter what the reason.
2. If he or she says "I love you" but barely knows you, this is a red flag.
3. If you call her in the middle of the night and a male answers the phone.
4. If you call him in the middle of the night and a female answers the phone.
5. If she/he doesn't provide you with a landline #. (If they are living at their own residence). (There are exceptions to this rule for Filipina's, as not everyone in the Philippines has a landline but 51% of  the population in the Philippines has cell phones).
6. If she/he doesn't provide you with their home address. ("""""""""""""""""""")
7.If you don't receive "regular" vs "professional" pictures of him/her.

1. Do not send money or meet the person you are talking to for at least 6 months to a year.
2. Call the person you are getting involved with in the middle of their night to see if someone else answers the phone.
3. Get at least 20 regular shot photo's. Do not believe any professional photos you receive are him/her.
4. After receiving a few pictures of him/her, insist on seeing them by cam. You'll see if it's really the same person or not.
5. Deal with people with "verified single" profiles on
6. Don't fall for "I need money so I can get online to talk to you" or "for school", or "my mom/dad/baby/sister/brother etc. is in the hospital".

I want to add that yes more than likely your Filpina girl friend will be less financial able than you. That's a fact of life for 90% of people living in a third world country. With the exchange rate of 50 to 1, your money will go a lot further than their peso. There are real needs there, and it's a good thing to help out a person that you are in love with. It feels really good, and its very helpful. Just be aware that you should talk to someone for quite some time online and by phone before committing to them financially. Also be aware that a Filipina's family is very large, with many of them likely to be unemployed. You don't want to have to provide for the whole family, so make it clear as the what your money is to go for. It's okay to help her family out from time to time, but you surely don't want to have them make a habit of it.

We believe at that your time and subscription to this site will be well spent in finding the love of your life. May many blessings follow you as you look for that special someone.


Dexter Black
Founder & Owner of JeepneyLand

These tips I've provided are only a few of many good ways to finding a mate online. There is a wonderful book made just for the subject of finding a Filipina mate online. It will save you time and money! Just click the link here to read more: Click Here!

"The Westerner's Cyber-Guide for Finding a Filipina Bride"


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