"Where All The Filipina's Are"

Made by Chef (Pinoy) Roy Agana



John Travolta



Halle Berry




Oprah's got 14 bathrooms and 10 fireplaces in this $55 mil Montecito, CA estate.


J-lo & Marc Anthony



Arnold & Maria Schwarzenegger



Ashlee Simpson



Aaron Spelling



Eddie Murphy



Billy Joel


Will & Jada Smith


Rod Stewart



Hugh Hefner



Larry King



Brad Pitt



Avril Lavigne



Ryan Seacrest



Courteney Cox and David Arquette



Sylvester Stallone



Jerry Sienfeld



Howard Stern





Name Citizenship Age Net Worth ($bil) Residence
1 William Gates III United States 50 50.0 United States
2 Warren Buffett United States 75 42.0 United States
3 Carlos Slim Helu Mexico 66 30.0 Mexico
4 Ingvar Kamprad Sweden 79 28.0 Switzerland
5 Lakshmi Mittal India 55 23.5 United Kingdom
6 Paul Allen United States 53 22.0 United States
7 Bernard Arnault France 57 21.5 France
8 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud Saudi Arabia 49 20.0 Saudi Arabia
9 Kenneth Thomson & family Canada 82 19.6 Canada
10 Li Ka-shing Hong Kong 77 18.8 Hong Kong
11 Roman Abramovich Russia 39 18.2 United Kingdom
12 Michael Dell United States 41 17.1 United States
13 Karl Albrecht Germany 86 17.0 Germany
14 Sheldon Adelson United States 72 16.1 United States
15 Liliane Bettencourt France 83 16.0 France
15 Lawrence Ellison United States 61 16.0 United States
17 Christy Walton United States 51 15.9 United States
17 Jim Walton United States 58 15.9 United States
19 S Robson Walton United States 62 15.8 United States
20 Alice Walton United States 56 15.7 United States
21 Helen Walton United States 86 15.6 United States
22 Theo Albrecht Germany 83 15.2 Germany
23 Amancio Ortega Spain 70 14.8 Spain
24 Steven Ballmer United States 50 13.6 United States
25 Azim Premji India 60 13.3 India


Bill Gates.(USA) The #1 Richest man in the world. Founder of Microsoft

Worth $50 Billion Dollars

Bill and Melinda Gates' $97 million house. Much of the house is built underground into the hill, so the house looks smaller than it actually is.

The house is a huge earth-sheltered, overlooking lake Washington. It has a large private library  and many unique qualities, for example, the lights turn on automatically once home, the wallpaper are designed to allow the music follow you from one room to other. There are portable touch pads, which controls everything, from lights to room temperatures.


Warren Buffet (USA) #2 Richest person in the world. Made all his money in investments.

Worth $42 Billion

Buffet's modest home at Omaha house. The estimated value of the house is around $700,000. Buffet has been living more like a millionaire than a billionaire.

This gray stucco home is a expanse of 6,000 square feet and it has been with Warren Buffet ever since he bought it at $ 31,500 in the year 1958.

Warren Buffet's House


Carlos Slim Helu (Mexico) Worth $30 Billion

Inherited his wealth. Owner of telecommunications firm, America Movil. (Mobil Phone Co.)



Ingvar Kamprad (Switzerland)Owner of Ikea worth $28 Billion


Lakshmi Mittal (India) worth 23.5 Billion from Steel.

The most expensive house paid for yet. Found in England. He paid US $128 Million.

This mansion can boast of garage that can accommodate 20 cars which is embellished with marble that have come from the same quarry as that for the Taj Mahal.















Sep 18, 2007 Tomoji Tanabe, right, the world's oldest man. (AP)

112 candles for oldest man

Tomoji Tanabe, the world's oldest man, turns 112.


TOKYO (AFP) - The world's oldest man celebrated his 112th birthday Tuesday with a healthy Japanese breakfast of rice, miso soup and seaweed, saying he wanted to live forever.

Tomoji Tanabe, who has been the world's oldest man since January this year, lives with his son and family in Japan's southern prefecture of Miyazaki. He keeps a diary and reads the newspaper every day.

"I want to live indefinitely. I don't want to die," he said as he marked his birthday, Kyodo News reported.

Tanabe, a teetotaller who has repeatedly said that avoiding alcohol is a secret of his longevity, was given a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records by the mayor of his local municipality in June.

Japan has the largest population of centenarians in the world. The number of Japanese aged at least 100 years old is expected to top 30,000 by the end of September, the health ministry said in a recent report.

The Japanese people's renowned longevity is often attributed to eating the country's traditional healthy food, despite the hectic lifestyle many lead in the big cities.

But the longevity is also presenting a headache as the country has one of the lowest birthrates, raising fears of a future demographic crisis as a smaller pool of workers supports a mass of elderly.


Howard Hughes' giant Flying Boat - Popularly known as the Spruce Goose, Page 2


Captain Michael King Smith Evergreen Aviation Educational Institute The Hughes Flying Boat is now on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

By February 1982, the dome intended to house the Hughes Flying Boat was ready. The Flying Boat was lifted onto a barge and floated around the harbor to be put on public display.

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Spruce Goose: Howard Hughes Giant Flying Boat

Lockett Books Calendar Catalog: Spruce Goose

Lockett Books Calendar Catalog: Spruce Goose

Howard Hughes' giant Flying Boat, the Spruce Goose, floated out of the hangar it resided inside for thirty-three years into Los Angeles Harbor on October 29, 1980. It took two days to pick it up with Herman the German and place it on land for temporary storage. On February 10, 1982, it was lifted onto a barge for transportation to the geodesic dome where it was displayed to the public for eleven years.

 Late at night on February 10, 1982, the Hughes Flying Boat is prepared to be lifted from its temporary storage location onto a barge for transfer to its display location on Pier J.

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat hanging from Herman the German Herman the German has lifted Howard Hughes' Flying Boat off of its support trucks.

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat hanging from Herman the German The Hughes Flying Boat hangs from the cables of Herman the German over the harbor in a light drizzle. Later that night, a barge was maneuvered into position and the Hughes Flying Boat was placed on it to be floated to Pier J.

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat is barged to its new hangar The Hughes Flying Boat is barged across the harbor to its new display location on the morning of February 11, 1982.

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat is barged to its new hangar

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat is barged to its new hangar The wing of the Hughes Flying Boat is as long as a football field.

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat is barged to its new hangar

The Hughes Flying Boat is being carefully maneuvered into position The Hughes Flying Boat has been turned around and is being carefully maneuvered into position to line up with the ramp leading into the dome.

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat is moved into its new hangar Howard Hughes' Flying Boat is moved into its new hangar.

Howard Hughes' Flying Boat is moved into its new hangar The Hughes Flying Boat is rolled backwards into the dome on Pier J.

The Hughes Flying Boat, seen here on May 22, 1983, spent a decade on display to the public, illuminated by a multi-colored light show. It was accompanied by a replica of the HR-1 racing plane, and a Howard Hughes look-alike wandered around the dome, greeting visitors.

Close-up of the cockpit of the Hughes Flying Boat, which was accessible by a raised platform assembled adjacent to the plane.

Eight 17-foot diameter propellors powered the Hughes Flying Boat.

The view of the interior of the aft end of the Hughes Flying Boat resembles the set of the old Time Tunnel tv series.

On August 10, 1992, disassembly of the airplane was begun for its transportation to another new home in Oregon. By September 9, 1992, the propellers, engines, tail cone, pontoons, wing fairings and tips, elevators, rudder, and ailerons have been removed from Hughes Flying Boat. Blue sunlight from an opening in the dome illuminates one side of the airplane.

Large portable light stands were installed to provide light for the disassembly of the Hughes Flying Boat.

Seen here bereft of its moving surfaces, the Hughes Flying Boat would shortly have its wings and stabilizers removed.

For several years the Hughes Flying Boat remained disassembled in a shelter in Oregon, awaiting the opening of the The Captain Michael King Smith Evergreen Aviation Educational Institute. Photo courtesy Richard Freeman

The components of the Flying Boat were transported to the new museum site in September of 2000. It has been reassembled and is now on display. It has received a new coat of silver paint, so it looks like it did when it made its only flight.

Howard Hughes Flying Boat "Spruce Goose" Page 1 Go to Page 1 of Hughes Flying Boat pictures to review the extraction of the Flying Boat from its hangar in 1980.

Captain Michael King Smith Evergreen Aviation Educational Institute The Hughes Flying Boat is now on display at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

Giant Flying Boats

  First Flight Wing Span Length Wing Area Gross Weight Engines
Saunders Roe Princess






10 x 3,500 hp Proteus
Hughes Flying Boat






8 x 3,500hp R4360
Blohm und Voss BV-238






6 x BMW 801
Martin JRM Mars






4 x 2,000 hp R3350
Blohm und Voss BV-222






6 x 1,000 hp BMW-Bramo Fafnir 323R
Martin PBM Mariner






4 x 1,700 hp R2800
Boeing 314






4 x 1,200 hp R2600
Convair PB2Y Coronado






4 x 1,000 hp R1830

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Stuart Brown describes Norbert Rosing's  striking images of a wild polar bear  playing with sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's Hudson Bay.
The photographer was sure that he was going  to see the end of his huskies when the polar bear materialized out of the  blue, as it were:
 Obviously it was a well-fed Bear...
The Polar Bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs..

Not A Good Day For Surfing



Only In India


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 Only In China


Only In America 

Edge of a Hurricane 

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